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Should Off-Grid Living Be Outlawed?

Living off grid is illegal according to a a court in Cape Coral, FL.

Unfortunately, the American ideal of self-reliance is under attack. The industrialists, who lobby for the majority of the policy in our country, don’t like it when the people live successfully and well without them.

We at U.S. Dome Builders believe in freedom. If you want to live off-grid, we want to help you.

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10 Factors to Consider Before Buying A Vacant Lot

us dome builders empty lot

The following is summarized from an excellent article on

  1. The Value of the Location.
  2. Know the Costs Involved.
  3. Zoning Restrictions
  4. Ordinances and Covenants
  5. Utilities Access
  6. Road Access
  7. Easments
  8. Surveying
  9. Flooding
  10. Building Permits
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Not So Big House – Choose Quality Over Quantity

Bigger is not always better. When it comes to building a home that feels like home, Sarah Susanka’a book, The Not So Big House, is a life saver.

Here’s Susan Susanka to explain:

10 Factors to Consider When Planning to Build a New Home

It may be the largest, most significant purchase you ever make. And possibly the biggest project you ever have the pleasure of seeing through to completion.

Whether you own many homes or have saved your entire life to build your dream home, this article will give you 10 factors to consider when planning to build a new home.

Type of Home to Build

1. Cost of Construction

This is a big one with many sub factors to consider. Here’s the critical question: quality or quantity? Do you really need all of that square footage? One book I think is a must read for anyone planning to build a home meant for people to actually live in is The Not So Big House: A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live. The book is filled with great examples of livable homes which are “not so big” but a pleasure to live in, and cost much less to build than the huge homes their neighbors regret building.

2. Security

Will the home be safe? Is it designed to withstand the natural disasters your area is prone to?

3. Value

Is the home going to be worth your investment? Are you planning to build with the best possible methods and materials? See an architect to ask this question. And again, if you have to cut square footage to allow for more quality over quantity, do it.

4. Cost of Ownership

Obviously I’m a bit bias, but the reinforced concrete domes we build cost much less to own in the long run. Will you have to replace a roof every ten years? Will your insurance cost more than necessary? What kind of heating and cooling system are you planning to use in order to cut energy costs?

Builder to Do the Job

1. Experience

Has the builder you’re working with built in your area before? Have you seen pictures or taken a tour of their past work? All worth considering.

2. Quality of Work

Has their work met your expectations for quality? Will their work still be standing in 50 years?

3. Satisfaction of Previous Customers

If possible, look for genuine customer testimonials.

4. How you “Feel” About the Builder

Do you feel good about working with the builder? Again, this is an enormously important transaction, so trust your instincts.

5. Professionalism of the Company

Does the company seem to really care about helping you?

Of all the factors to consider, I think size of the home is the most important. You won’t regret sacrificing the quantity for quality.

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